Oscar Crockett Bits and Spurs Value Guide

Oscar Crockett

Born:1887 Died:1949 Maker's Mark:

Oscar Crockett was born in Pecos City, Texas and learned to make bits and spurs by watching his older brother. Oscar worked in blacksmith shops and would parter up with George Gliem for a year or two before starting his own shop in Oklahoma and then eventually working for C.P. Shipley. In 1920 Crockett bought Shipley’s bit and spur making department and started teh Crockett Bit and Spur Company. Crockett produced a wide array of styles and published catalogs to advertise them. If there was a popular style cowboys were looking for Crockett made sure he could sell it to them. The early Crockett spurs in rare patterns can be quite valuable but many of the more common patterns and modern produced bits and spurs are quite common. We’re happy to help you determine the age, rarity and value of your Crockett bits and spurs, just call or email us with pictures and we’re happy to help!

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