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Famous Maker Spurs – Famous Maker Spurs in good condition, with interesting patterns, decorations, engravings or other interesting features are our bread and butter. We have great buyers for quality spurs so email us pictures of yours today for a free appraisal.

Famous Maker Bits – Bits produced by famous makers are generally less valuable than comparable spurs but there is still good demand for interesting examples from desirable makers.

Interesting and Unique Bits and Spurs – We do buy unmarked spurs but they need to be examples with great design, features, condition, or other notable aspects.


It’s simple, we pay the most cash! If you have old bits or spurs that we are interested in then we pay more than other dealers you’ll find online or in-person. We also can send you a check or Paypal payment BEFORE you have to send the spurs or bit to us. Many dealers want you to send your stuff off so they can inspect it before you get paid, that’s a recipe for trouble. You can trust us because we take all the risk. Give us a chance to make a purchase on your old or antique spurs and bit.


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