C.P. Shipley Bits and Spurs Value Guide

C.P. Shipley

Born:1885 Died:1972 Maker's Mark:

Charles P. Shipley was born in Ohio and as a young man moved to Kansas City to start his own saddlery business. Despite some setbacks Shipley managed to grow the business and expand his offerings as time went along. While at first he specialized in harnesses and leather goods, selling bits and spurs made by McChesney and Buermann. Shipley would later buy Bischoff and Crockett’s businesses and began producing bits and spurs under his own name. After four or five years Shipley tired of running the bit and spur business and sold the operation off to Crockett who moved the equipment across the street and opened his own bit and spur making firm. Shipley continued to run his business for another 20 years but had a stroke and ceded control of the company to his son.

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