August Buermann Bits and Spurs Value Guide

Buermann Company

Born:1842 Died:1928 Maker's Mark:
"AB" in Star, "HANDFORGED", "PAT'D" with star

August Buermann immigrated to the US from Germany in 1864 and enlisted with the US Army. He fought in the Civil War and afterward returned to Newark and worked for Alexander Barclay’s company. Buermann bought out Barclay and renamed the company Buermann Manufacturing Co in 1866. Over the next 60 years Buermann’s company produced the most complete catalog of bits and spurs of any company in the US, producing as many as 441 spur styles and 496 bit patterns. Many of these styles were original designs that were patented, as well as many other popular designs that were copied from other makers. Buermann also patented a metal alloy he called Hercules Bronze, which was a nonrusting alloy that had a nice bronze appearance (though it is not bronze). The Buermann Company was bought by North and Judd in 1926 as well as the Star logo.

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