Nels and Tom Qualey Bits and Spurs Value Guide

Nels and Tom Qualey

Born:1903-1972 (Nels), 1904-1977 (Tom) Died: Maker's Mark:
"Q.", "QUALEY BROS" stamped or inscribed, "QUALEY" inscribed, "NM QUALEY", marks sometimes include "JOSEPH, IDA"

Tom and Nels Qualey were born in Idaho and learned to make bits and spurs on their family ranch. They worked together and marked their pieces “QUALEY BROS.” When the family sold the ranch Nels stopped working as a bit and spur maker but Tom continued on and produced his own pieces marked “QUALEY”, there are a few pieces known to be marked “N.M QUALEY” which are quite rare as Nels didn’t produce many pieces on his own.

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