Jose Figueroa Bits and Spurs Value Guide

Jose Figueroa

Born:1880 Died:1951 Maker's Mark:

Jose Figueroa moved from Mexico to Los Angeles in 1901 and worked as a bit and spur maker. He moved to the US with his brother Carlos and while they both were active in making bits and spurs they did not work together for much of their careers. Jose is the only one known to have marked his work, but most of his bits and spurs are unmarked. Jose mostly sold his items to several of the west coast saddlery companies, these are known to include: Wilson Saddlery Co., Bryndon Brothers, Gilmore Saddlery Co., and Lichenberger-Ferguson Saddlery. He also supplied piece for others such as Bohlin, F.M. Stern, and Visalia. Jose’s work is mostly inlay silver with engraving, he used a hammer and chisel engraving style, as did his brother.

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