Jose and Jesus Tapia Bits and Spurs Value Guide

Jose and Jesus Tapia

Born:1831-1902 (Jose), 1856-1931 (Jesus) Died: Maker's Mark:

Jose Tapia was born in Mexico and moved to the US where his son Jesus was born. The two produced bits and spurs which rank among the finest ever produced and they created unique and intricate designs which no one else was doing. Their finest pieces feature pierced or filigree work on both bits and spurs that feature a variety of motifs from flowers and natural elements, to geometric designs to animals as vaired as eagles, snakes, birds, and many others. The Tapias didn’t mark many of their pieces but the quality of their engraving and designs are so high that even inexperienced collectors can often tell they are holding something truely special. Values on Tapia pieces vary significantly based on the design but values are among the highest for bits and spurs.

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