Gus Goldberg Bits and Spurs Value Guide

Gus Goldberg

Born:1872 Died:1942 Maker's Mark:

Gus Goldberg was trained as a saddle maker and operated his own shop in Sacramento before going to work for Main & Winchester as a saddle maker. Goldberg eventually partnered with Staunton Bros in Winnemucca, NV as Goldberg Staunton Saddlery. After a few years Goldberg bought out Staunton Bros. and the business became simply Goldberg Saddlery. During this time Goldberg employed Juan Estrada as his bit and spur maker. Goldberg recognized the importance of having a bit and spur maker since his specialty was really in saddle making. Goldberg allowed Estrada to add his own mark to the bits and spurs so the work from this time is marked GSS CO WINNEMUCCA NEV JE or GUS GOLDBERG SACRAMENTO CAL JE, with the JE being Juan Estrada’s mark on the piece.

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