Atanasio Larios Bits and Spurs Value Guide

Atanasio Larios

Born:1830s Died:1890s Maker's Mark:
"A. LARIOS" or Horse Head in a circle with "TRADE MARK" around it

Atanasio Larios was born in Mexico and was working in San Jose, California by 1878 when he was listed as a blacksmith in a business directory. He spent most of his life producing bits and spurs for L.D. Stone and later Main and Winchester. His work is of the highest quality and he produced bits and spurs in many styles. Larios was one of the earliest makers who recognized the importance of marking his work and bits are marked with his name on the mouthpiece, while spurs are marked near the buttons. Some of his work is also marked with a horse head stamp and the word “Trademark”. Larios produced bits and spurs with silver inlay and overlay with excellent engraving and floral designs. He is also well known for exquisite chased ironwork usually on the off side of the spur heelband.

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