Abbie Hunt Bits and Spurs Value Guide

Abbie Hunt

Born:1876 Died:1967 Maker's Mark:
"Made by AB Hunt" engraved with electric scribe, or "AB HUNT MAKER" stamped

Abbie Hunt was born in California and grew up working around horses in San Luis Obispo. Abbie learned blacksmithing from his uncle Tom Hunt and made bits and spurs while also working as a cowboy on area ranches. Abbie perfected the technique of flowing silver inlay into bits and spurs instead of cutting a piece and soldering it in. The process is very difficult because the iron and silver must be brought to a very precise temperature to fuse the metals properly. Abbie taught this flowed silver technique to several other makers later. Abbie Hunt’s early pieces were not marked, but later ones were marked either with stamped letters or with an electric scribing tool.

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